why is online dating so hard for guys: 10 Types of Gentlemen People Find Whenever On the net Dating


I am a Colombian girl single mother who is very attracted to a 25-year-old Turkish boy whom she has known for about a month and a half, who at times shows me that he tells me the truth about his work and that he lives alone … but He sent me and asked me for intimate photos, which causes me a lot of mistrust, he says that he liked it a lot and that he is interested in meeting me and even coming to Colombia or that I go to Turkey, he lives Elazig … advise me pliss!

Well my advice is not to send intimate photos. You will save yourself possible problems! You have to be very careful with these things.

I met a Turkish man through a network, he is 49 years old and I am 56, he lives in Miami and is a professional … he tells me that he does not care about my age because it is just a number, he is very loving and respectful, I hardly speak bad English but we we communicate by translator and it goes well for us like this… He says that he loves me and wants to grow old with me and it is all a love and I do not deny that I am falling in love with him… Can it be true that they fall in love and love so much in such a short time? I love this pad, I congratulate you friend!

Be careful and think carefully about the decision you make. I also wrote to a Turkish boy. He always said that he thought of me as important when he came to my country. It was a very good date. I thought he wanted to get to know me better. I kiss and it was good, but he was desperate. I almost wanted to do it as nothing happened but kisses later I did not want to go out but I did not write … they like sex and drink a lot … I was very sad because I really thought that I mattered … friend be careful not to be hurt

Hello Claudia, I was reading your comment and I am very interested in talking to you because I have a relationship with a Turk over the Internet, he contacted me and told me that he was from Istanbul and he works in a hospital in the administrative area and I think he is the same person because you tell me the same things as you. What is separated and has 3 children and professes his great love for me and wants me to be his wife. He is very educated, loving and he is very handsome. I hope Claudia you will contact me soon because soon I plan to travel to Istanbul to meet us personally at such insistence because he wants me to be his wife this is my email (hidden)

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