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In this regard, I will limit myself to referring you to the post whose link I have included before, although, for those who do not have the time or the desire to read the brief six paragraphs that make up said article, I would like to record here that social networks , smartphones, and the hyperconnectivity that we are all developing, do nothing but lay the foundations for a future with imminent and not inconsiderable risks of the emergence of a totalitarianism that has all the means to exercise absolute control over its citizens. Incidentally, with these very invasive means, once you have achieved power and established your possible regime, it will be very difficult to escape its tentacles. Nothing that is far from the fiction described by Orwell in the mid-twentieth century.

The economy of the future described by Orwell practically does not exist, and his opaque management is limited in many cases to our rebel Winston Smith and his companions changing the History and economic figures of the past to hide the reality of the system. Thus, when the Single Party decided that an always controversial increase in the price of chocolate had to be undertaken, the diligent Winston and his colleagues modified every media trace of the previous price of the sweet merchandise, and replaced it with a past price that was actually very superior to what was really. In this way, the Unique Party advertised as a populist drop in the price of chocolate what was actually an onerous and inflationary rise in every rule.

Look at the reality of today’s media, how macroeconomic and microeconomic data are cooked in all economies, how economic and political power end up being the same thing, how smartphones combined with Big Data are shaping us to all and allowing us to control our thoughts and our actions, and how the progressive digitization of all the information of Humanity will mean that in the future (which is already present) changing information will merely mean changing a record in a database. Specifically, on the transcendent issue of Big Data, with revealing news included, we already analyzed in the article “Trump and the possible step back from globalization” how Big Data would have been decisive in the sudden victory of President Trump, and how Trump He would have been the first president of Big Data, as Obama was in his day with social networks.

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